When In Rome: Amibas y Parásitos Intestinalis

I love America. Mexicans frequently resent us even while they benefit from their association with us. And while my patriotism isn’t blind – the US has its problems: school shootings, obesity, rampant consumerism – Mexican resentment gets irritating.

Mexicans are patriotic too. They love Mexico and I understand why. The people are warm, fun-loving, and family oriented. The food is delicious. The life-style is less frantic than in the US. People are happier. They enjoy a type of personal freedom that doesn’t exist in the US. The weather is fantastic. But Mexico has its problems too.

I could write about cartel violence but it’s not evident in daily life here. I could write about human trafficking. There’s a growing population of illegal Haitian refugees in TJ. Who, having been told they could cross into the US from Mexico, risk their lives to get here only to learn it isn’t true. I could write about a 6-day work week/12-hour work day, and average incomes of $3000 pesos (roughly $160.00 US Dollars) a week.

When I get irritated with arrogant Mexicans, I want to tally up all the crap that goes on in Mexico and throw it in their faces. But, let’s be honest, they could tally up all the crap that goes on in the US and throw it in my face and not be wrong. So what am I ranting about?

Well, let’s talk about intestinal parasites. Have you ever had them? I remember my mom saying they were common when she was a kid going from logging camp to logging camp with her parents in the 1930s. She overcooked everything and forbade us kids to eat anything raw lest we get worms. But as far as I can remember I never got them and never heard of anyone getting them. As an issue for the general public, intestinal parasites are a thing of the past in the US.

This is not true of Mexico. We have a young Mexican college student living with us. She was shocked to learn that Americans don’t take anti-parasitic medication. She informed us, in horrified tones, that we most certainly had worms and should be treating ourselves every 6 months with over the counter medication used by all normal, right thinking people.

I don’t know if we have worms. I haven’t seen any evidence of it but I took the medication to make Rose happy. When in Rome.

Some great things about the US – plumbing that works, widely adopted good sanitation practices, drinkable tap water. Nah-nah-nah-nah, nah-nah! America rocks!