The Beach (la playa)

Playas de Tijuana

Playas de Tijuana is both desolate and thriving. Both superficial and deep. Dark and light. The sun white in the sky. The sky light blue, clear, clean, white wisps of cloud here and there. And the ocean blue-black at the horizon, blue-green closer in. The waves white atop it churning the light sand on their approach, roaring as waves do. Surprising the brown speckled, long beaked sandpipers, washing the trails of delicate three toed prints from the wet hard-packed sand. Men throwing their dark bodies against the waves, chests high as if they would beat them in triumph, shouting and laughing instead.


prologue – Take the Tranqs

I drove from Oregon to Mexico with a carload of stuff and my cat. My advice? When the vet offers you a tranquilizer, take it. In fact, if he doesn’t offer, ask. It’s as much for your own good as the cat’s so don’t let some politically correct animals-are-people-too crap stop you from knocking your pet out for a day or two.